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Feb 13, 2018

We laughed! We cried! We learned about blockchain!

Yes, indeed, we’ve come a long way in just ten episodes here at The Credentialed, the show that amplifies the diverse voices of tech and innovation. That’s right, we’ve got ten episodes under our belts, and that’s a good a reason as any to take a step back and remind our listeners – and ourselves – just what it is we’re doing here. We’re calling this re-cap episode of our first ten shows our Tenth Episode-i-versary. (Humor us, won’t you?)

Since The Credentialed launched in October, we’ve featured data wonks, IoT and blockchain innovators, chatbot and mobile technology founders, ecommerce experts and digital media entrepreneurs. We’ve featured women, African-American, Asian, Haitian-American, LatinX and LGBTQ guests. People not just from New York City and San Francisco, but from Reno, Miami, Kansas City, Pasadena and Washington, DC. People whose business lives collide with personal passions like basketball, improv comedy -- and did we mention Star Wars?

On the show, you’ll hear the most fascinating, fun, touching and inspiring moments from the first ten episodes of The Credentialed. Give a listen!