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Apr 17, 2018

Kirsten McMullen has a tough job. As chief privacy officer and VP of compliance at mobile ad tech firm 4Info, she serves as an internal watchdog, helping to steer her company, one operating in the cut-throat, fast-paced and increasingly sophisticated world of consumer data, toward the best data privacy practices possible. To do that, she relies on what she refers to as her own “core ethic,” one that compels her to want to educate people about how her company uses consumer data. In a business environment where opacity and obfuscation is more the norm, it’s no easy task.

“I want to get out the word that your location data is being used more for just telling you what the weather is in your city or where you jog, so pay attention to who you’re choosing to share that with and make the choices accordingly,” said McMullen on this episode of The Credentialed.