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May 1, 2018


Kimberly Mach is somewhat elusive when asked about what she and her fellow researchers are working on at Microsoft Research Next, a division of the company that Business Insider recently referred to as its “A-team of troubleshooting scientists.”

But having a hush-hush job isn’t exactly new to Mach, either – she joined Microsoft in early 2017, following several years in the defense industry working on technologies for things like ballistic missile defense and autonomous vehicles.

Mach received an "Innovator Award" from Women Who Code last year for making “profound contributions to the future of the tech industry, but she’s more than just a math and computer science nerd. She received a scholarship for clarinet in her early college days and is a devoted fan of her hometown teams – The Mariners and The Seahawks.

On this episode of the Credentialed Mach shares tales of working alongside robots at Microsoft, of her first time participating in a hackathon and how her small town Washington roots helped guide her to where she is today.