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May 15, 2018

Carol Davidsen made a name for herself in the world of political data tech through her work with the Obama 2012 campaign, back when media coverage of data use in the election was decidedly more positive than it is these days in the wake of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal. While at Obama for America, she developed technologies for building voter profiles and gained notoriety for the platform she created for optimizing TV media buying and ad targeting. Today, she is SVP of TV and cross-platform products at Comscore where she helps create technologies that help advertisers aim their messages out to people across TV, the web and their mobile phones.

This interview with Carol Davidsen was recorded on April 10, 2018, about an hour before Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg began his testimony before a joint session of the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees regarding the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In this episode of The Credentialed, Carol chats about her own work for the Obama 2012 campaign -- including what she calls “scraping” Facebook data, about the evolving zeitgeist surrounding data use by political campaigns, about her background and influences, and about why tech disruption isn't always a good thing.