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Mar 6, 2018

You’ve probably seen Just’s vegan mayo on grocery store shelves, or maybe you’ve had their plant-based cookie dough concoction as a late night snack. Perhaps you’ve seen the open letters the company’s CEO Josh Tetrick has splashed across full page ads in the New York Times -- like the one he addressed to presidential candidates in 2015 challenging them to help solve our outdated food system. Following a name change from Hampton Creek, the company remains dedicated to its original mission: to produce healthy, sustainable, affordable and delicious food.

This is no quick fix – locating plant components and experimenting until they are proven to be viable ingredients involves a year’s long process – and our guest on the latest episode of The Credentialed, director of food chemistry at Hampton Creek, Jasmin Hume, is guiding that path towards what could be on our plates tomorrow.

On this episode of The Credentialed, we’ll learn about the science behind turning plant proteins into food people want to eat, about how even healthy food can be processed, and why people still can get a little weirded out by too much science on their plate.  We’ll even indulge in a chat about a personal love of Hume’s -- Swedish baked goods.